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Even if he was to reverse, CA set a date of . . . 2035 . . so what if Biden says “yes, how about 2055!”

and more importantly, the thing all you Trumpers seem to miss ALL THE TIME . . is that its the market not the politicians leaving you behind:

Most true. Legislation is not going to end gas-powered cars. This country can’t even build or re-build a bridge in under fifty years, leading to all of the crumbling Infrastructure that defines this country, yet their going BG to retro-fit / upgrade every gas station in the country to transition to not selling gas? I wouldn’t be holding my breath.

Here is an example that required much less, and TBH, I’m surprised they were only fifteen years late. This was the requirement that all video transmissions go from analog to digital. The initial date set for this was 1995, then pushed multiple times. In plain language, it made Television that received analog NYSC (in the US / Japan, PAL in the rest of the world), obsolete, and left only digital transmissions. The various reasons for these delays involved people not being able to afford the new technology, companies being able to manufacture the new technology with an affordable footprint for all or most income levels, and getting a shit ton of private industries, along with the public, to a stage where it was even possible. Afaik, that requirement on the telecommunications industry took roughly almost twenty years after the initial deadline before you weren’t able to pick up an analog signal.

Cars / transportation is a clusterfuck that dwarves the issues required to sundown gasoline-powered vehicles.

I do not expect to see this happen in my lifetime. I’d be surprised if my daughter, who is twenty-one, will see it before she hits her fifties.

I will need deer in an EV. No desire and I don’t give a fuck about burning fossil fuels. My ‘69 Camaro, when I was late teens to early twenties, got four miles per gallon of leaded gas. I didn’t but a car that only took unleaded gas until the early 90s, which required me to buy lead additive at the speed shops.

The government and the earthy-crunchy folk can bitch all they want. Gas powered cars aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

One thing I do feel comfortable saying: Europe will get there years before it’s EF been a thing in the US. Not surprising, considering the EU outlawed incandescent bulbs a loooooong while ago. You can still buy them in bulk in the US at any of the stores that are patronised by the inbred. (Walmart, various $ Stores, etc. (I’m still not used to seeing Walmart’s, tbh. In the county I grew up, Walmart isn’t allowed to build, so fortunately, I’d never seen one until I left the D.C. area. I’ll never actually shop in one.))

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.