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Tesla makes an awesome rickshaw

That’s what sucks about getting by old. I’ll never own a Tesla. I don’t even see the draw in why anyone would want one. (Not to mention that driving any EV is like sitting on top of a box of C4. Current tech pool of, if those batteries are hit in the proper manner, it will blow you to bits with the ensuing explosion.)

I’ll take a 327, bored forty over, with machined heads, high-lift cam, hi-rise manifold, that sucks gas to the point where the gas gauge moves as fast as the speedometer. 😎 If a car can’t pull a quarter in under eleven seconds, I’ll leave those to the housewives and senior citizens. I just want speed.

I’m too old to change a lot of things. Driving way too fast, and overly aggressive is something I’ll never stop doing. I still can’t figure out why people complain about Florida drivers. Driving in D.C. is like a NASCAR event. In the past, I’ve even used the occasional sidewalk, and “One Way” is optional, depth Deb hit on if you can drive fast enough to pull onto another road before the wall of cars approaching you gets too close. 😃 (You see Don him by like that in D.C. all the time, but never down here. Also, there isn’t enough hilly area here to have fun. When in D.C., if I have a few choice roads to myself, I will hit the pedal at the proper moment in order to get airborne. Nothing better than to catch some righteous air at about 90 mph. 😎)

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.