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shooter on the grassy knoll = E Howard Hunt and the other shooter was Frank Sturgis. The CIA opp was run by George Bush (the one who went on to be Regan’s VP).

While Hunt was at the shooting, he couldn’t have been the one on the grassy knoll. Photos at the time of the shooting place him in the area, but not in an area that would allow him to be the shooter.

Also, he was doing dirty work for both Eisenhower and Kennedy, so his presence, while questionable, would make sense, as he was still active in the CIA. He was one of the people behind the murder of Che Guevara.

That said, I used to work with G. Gordon Liddy’s daughter. Pretty sure I would’ve heard something by back then. She had dirt on everyone, and wasn’t very fond of her father, although she was never estranged from him.

Watergate era history is all old now. We’ve all known the identity of Deep Throat for years.

Kennedy was tough on communism and particularly on Cuba, so a CIA-led op to appease anti-Castro Cubans is a bit of a stretch. The mafia theory holds more water than that does, as both JFK and RFK were assassinated, and had engaged in some questionable behaviour; however, I don’t really buy into that, either. I’d be more inclined to point the blame at Russia. The Kennedy’s were incredibly tough on the USSR.

(I’m also inclined to believe that Sirhan Sirhan is racing the truth that he didn’t fire the fatal shot that killed RFK. Bobby Kennedy died of a bullet to the back of the head, behind his ear; however, video of the shooting shows that SS, at that time, was pinned to the ground, and had he fired from that angle, it would not have been a point blank shot behind the ear. He was in no position to aim the gun he was fired. Unlike Oswald, there wasn’t a Jack Ruby around to take him out.)

(I can still recall watching Ruby shoot Oswald on live television. We went down to D.C. to walk past JFK’s casket, when he was Lying in State. The line of people was insane. Nothing impacted me more until John Lennon was killed. I can also still remember that day like it was yesterday. We are out drinking and a light snow had just begun to fall, which is very early for D.C.)

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.