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If you dont know, Boulder had an AR ban until last week.

Boulder passed the ban in 2018 AFTER watching the horrific Parkland shooting. The NRA sued. A COJudge struck down the ban last week

The issue was “preemption” . . a legal issue also pushed by the NRA that says a city (Boulder) cannot pass a ban, only the state can do that.

AR’s may be the weapon of choice; however, it seems like whack jobs intent on shooting up a location will succeed, regardless of the firearm used.

Yeah, states, even Florida, has some laws on the books. (Three day wait, unless you have a CCP), but it’s just too simple to acquire any form of firearms in the US, and any attempt to legislate incurs the wrath of idiots bitching about their incorrect interpretation of the Second Amendment.

The sad thing is, now, is to a point where I am completely apathetic to mass shootings. I honestly no longer give a fuck. Idiots want guns, then idiots have to live with the potential danger associated with all of those guns.

The laws will never change, so it’s not even worth trying anymore. Also, places like Florida’s really have some fucked up laws in the books. Example: I have a CCP. (The most fucked up part of that is that I can but as many firearms as I want in the same visit to one store and walk out with them that minute.) There are many more fucked up laws that, to me make no sense. With my CCP, if I’m armed and enter a bar, I’m not legally permitted to sit at the bar. I have to sit at a table. What the fuck does that accomplish? I’m still in a bar with a .45 in my pocket. Also, since it’s concealed, it’s solely up to the person carrying to sit at a table. I know a number of people that still sit, armed, at the bar. Personally, If I’m drinking at a place where I feel I need to be armed, I should probably pick another place to drink.

That said, until people collectively choose to stop blocking legislation for firearm safety, the shooting will continue. Which is a large part of why I really no longer give a fuck about these incidents. All it does it cause me to turn the channel to HBO, or read a book. I no longer follow any news about AC hit shootings. I had free no clue what happened in Atlanta, other than the dude wanted to kill Asians, and I know less about the one today. I will continue to know very little about this, as any mention that I run across on any form of media, I’m just going to tune out. I really don’t give a fuck anymore. Let everyone blast the shit out of each other, for all I care. Just hand out free ammo so they can get it over with fast.

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.