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the posters here arguing with me and my discerning data, I have no respect for their critical thinking skills. Your mind is easily demented and your thinking faculty is debased. Ill tell you why you cant figure anything out and everything I say is an illusion to your dark minds.

These folks mock and belittle religion because it is “impossible” and “unscientific” are themselves the biggest fraudulent joke on the planet. They exclaim with indignation a VIRGIN gives birth to a boy LOLOLOLOL. Yet they have total and complete FAITH that a rock gave birth to all living things. Then if you try to corner them on their absurd and ridiculous beliefs they play word games and point out your spelling errors…like we dont believe that, we believe we came from a macro molecule. And where did the macro molecule come from Einstein? Oh yea…from a rock. Imbeciles!!!!
So everything came from nothing = impossible
Life came from a rock = impossible
all life developed from a macro molecule = impossible
These reasoning skills applied to what I try to explain – you’ll never get it.
Get it?
Just because a bunch of fat cats with important looking papers at the universities teach it to the sheep doesnt make it less absurd.