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You must not realize that a Tesla is faster than what you describe

0-60 in 2.4

I once had a car that was one of the the fastest production cars in America for its year. It wasn’t that fast. Electric drive is super high torque

True, but it’s over-priced and trendy, so two things I won’t do. Plus Elon Musk is an Asshole. I’d never give him a dime.

It’s also doesn’t solve the exploding battery problem.

I’ll take a gas-guzzling engine, manual shift, that has enough power to lift the front-end off of the ground. I could pull some decent wheelies in my Camaro, plus when I’m driving, I like the engine to be as loud as possible. If my stereo can be heard over the engine, it’s not loud enough. 😎

My ex’es brother-in-law, trust fund kid, got a ‘69 Barracuda Convertible, with the 426 Hemi. It could pull 9.6 in a quarter right out of the showroom. Afaik, he still has it in his garage.

With my Camaro, (I had a number of other cars, but that was the fastest), I could be at over 80 mph from the length of a highway on-ramp. The one time I timed it, I pulled 11.2 at 138 mph, but that was with me driving. The car could do better than that.

I would get bored in D.C. traffic, so as I idled, I would gun the engine and add in a little clutch play, if ting the front wheels while stuck on the beltway.

My only complaint was that all of those cars back then were mostly for straightaways. There was very little weight in the ass-end, so very easy to pull a 360 on damp asphalt. I had a Corvette that was better on handling.

So, nah, I’ll pass on EVs in this lifetime. I’m too old to change. 😎

(If I had disposable cash, I wouldn’t even think of Tesla. I’d be dropping the $$ on some insanely overpriced European car that can surpass 200 mph, and requires a Saudi tanker following it. 😎)

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.