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he AR weapons and large mags are a deadly combo for even a relatively unskilled shooter. On the other end of the scale, what does the average American need one for that justifies these kinds of shootings for years?

True; however, like my AR15, I have thirty round mags. I have a Springfield Arms Sub-Compact, with a 2 ½ inch barrel. It holds 17+1 9mm rounds. Someone fee could do just as much damage with that, should they be so inclined.

The little bit of info I heard before changing the channel, this latest dude killed ten people. The guy at the massage parlours took out eight, but in three locations. Any firearm could do that. You can fire off sixty quick rounds with an AR, using a bump stock; however, if you’re just cutting blindly, you’re not gonna hit sixty targets.

The problem isn’t the rifle. The problem is it’s too easy in this country to just go off the deep-end and make the news. A million years ago, the guy in the Texas Tower held people off for a very long time, and that wasn’t using an AR15. Also, some states permit you to own full-auto M16s. I knew a guy who owned about ten of them.

So, as mentioned, the problem isn’t the firearm. The problem is the whack job holding the firearm. Until this country actually does something, it’s gonna be the same thing over and over. Mass Shooting; Hand Wringing; Send Prayers; Call Attention to the Problem; Suggest Legislation that Stalls and Goes Nowhere; Await the Next Shooting after nothing is done.

This is the source of my apathy. No one is ever going to allow legislation that is strong enough to curtail the shootings. As a result, we’re going to encounter all that many more assholes all waiting for their turn at commanding the news cycle. I don’t see this problem ever going away, not in this country.

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.