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here is the flaw (in bold)

“this latest dude killed ten people. The guy at the massage parlours took out eight, but in three locations

with AR and a large mag . . the Boulder shooter killed 10 IN A FRACTION ON THE TIME . . in a much BIGGER location

the guy at the massage parlors might have bene stopped in any of those pauses to travel, just like people are often stopped because THEY HAVE TO RELOAD. THERE WAS NO SUCH CHANCE IN BOULDER. the guy quickly killed 9 and apparently killed the first officer responding .. and officer called specifically because he has a “patrol rifle.”

the nature of the weapon matters, especially when you ask what purpose they serve. A handgun is at least a personal protection device and a 9mm is not going to shoot rounds through walls or that kill with almost any strike because of the velocity . . if that was the case . . our soldiers wouldve have been armed with 9mmm for years, not M16s etc.

Sadly, for many people . . the vast majority of the purchasers . . an AR is, essentially, a toy. a very deadly toy. People living in suburban gated comminutes dont need and AR15 to protect them or their property. I had a family member who was once captain and then coach of the Marine pistol team. he traveled cross country regularly, sleeping in the back of his truck. His weapon — a REVOLVER. Because it wouldn’t jam AND HE KNEW HES GET SHOTS ON MASS. The AR lets any schlub be a mass murdered because of the fire rate and velocity and capacity (OBVIOUSLLY . . there’s simply no denying that).

The average AR mass murders is NOT SOME SKILLED MARKSMAN . . its often some fat white dude, wanna be soldier . . with a TINY PRICK. The AR allows that person to be very effective IN MANY SCENARIOS .. because its VERY DEADLY