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Well, I used to dabble in street racing

Around 1991 or so, I accepted a position working in the Office of the Postmaster General. My office was actually in his office. (Back then he also had ten secretaries.) This was at the main headquarters, top floor, located in L’Enfant Plaza. As with every other position I’ve had, it required a clearance.

The fun part was, getting a clearance at the USPS was tougher than getting a Federal Law Enforcement Clearance. I was called into a meeting with the OIG. Like most every Clearance I’ve had, they had full access to lifetime records. They pulled my lifetime MVA record. Granted, I was in my early thirties in ‘91. They had questions on my clearance. They wanted to know, (actually gave me explain), why my MVA Record was over four pages long. I gave them the most simple answer I could. I just said: “I was seventeen and owned a ‘69 Camaro. I’d be worried if I DIDN’T have that many tickets.” 😃 They had me put that in writing and I passed my clearance.

I’d like to say I drive slower and more safely now, but I can’t. I once drove from D.C. to Tampa in nine hours. I think I averaged about 115 mph for most of the drive. When I’m in D.C., red lights are still an option, to be ignored if the crosswalks are cleared.

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.