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I’m dishing what was given. 4 years of temper tantum has repercussions which is something Alice can’t quite get her head around. You moved the goalposts and now you don’t get to move them back.

I know, I know…. it’s all the Orange man’s fault. I know you actually believe this so I do have sympathy. The fact is partisans like Alice are just as much to blame for the mess we’re in now. Where is my “lie counter” It seems like I’ll have to do my own for Biden as the regular media seems to have no motivation to do anything besides provide excuses for all the lies.

This was earned…. well earned. Enjoy the next four years of the most inept administration in history.

Way to credit your own insanity?

Lol. “I am posting like a lunatic troll because – even though “I am not a Trump supporter” – my feelings were hurt watching ginger called out by mean posters …oh, anr free speech M’fers!”