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No, as soon as Brady retires Licht’s teams will be back in the basement. Look at teams with and without Brady

2000 to 2001 Pats adding Brady, +6 wins, Out of playoffs to SB winner

2007 to 2008 Pats subtracting Brady, -5 wins AFC Champion to out of playoffs

2019 to 2020 Pats subtracting Brady, -5 wins #2 seed to no playoffs

2019 to 2020 Bucs adding Brady, +4 wins Out of playoffs to SB winner

So over the course of 20 years his value to a team vs replacement per season is 5 regular season wins, 1.4 playoff wins per year and 0.5 Super Bowl wins per year.


The mental gymnastics some of you put yourselves through just to justify your own hatred of the man is becoming concerning to say the least.

And Extremely comical to say the most.