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the nature of the weapon matters, especially when you ask what purpose they serve. A handgun is at least a personal protection device and a 9mm is not going to shoot rounds through walls or that kill with almost any strike because of the velocity . . if that was the case . . our soldiers wouldve have been armed with 9mmm for years, not M16s etc.

I’m sorry, but this is complete and total bullshit.

10-15 years ago, most SWAT units had loadouts that included some variant of an HK MP-5 or other similar SMG that were chambered in 9mm.

They’ve since primarily gone to M4 variants chambered in .556 (or .223) due to its tendency to tumble and drop at the first point of penetration. Whereas 9mm rounds are proven to continue flying through MULTIPLE layers of drywall or similar material.

For years, I had a canned Sig MPX chambered in 9mm as my go-to home defense rifle. Even subsonic cartridges had tendencies of over penetration.

That’s why I switched back to a SBR chambered in .556, as it drastically reduced that effect.

As I’ve said many times before, and most importantly, WITH FACTS to back my opinion; AR-based rifles are not only ideal guns for home defense, they’re superior to any other option.

What is velocity of a hand gun round compare to AR round?

With an AR you could shoot a home intruder (in the 1% scenario) in your living room snd kill your child in her bedroom.

Then have a bad day and go easily kill ten on your grocery store

You could provide the save home defense (for that 1% scenario) with a handgun.

The point isn’t that one could not use an AR for home defense it’s that the risk outweighs the need and benefit.

You can legally buy a firecracker. You can also buy it’s much stronger cousin, dynamite … but