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I can make the same exact statement for pistols, revolvers, shotguns, etc.

and yet the Vegas guy chose ARs

Ahmed chose an AR

In other words, an AR is not just a “pistol, revolver or shotgun” even if someone like you could use them all to the same ends because . . Ahmed is not you, he’s a fat schlub 21 year old. James Holmes wasn’t you. Thankfully he couldn’t clear his jam. Omar Mateen had handguns . . still bought a Sig (I think)

zero disrespect. I think that isunderstood. you make fair points and I certainly have not cornered the market on gun knowledge (far, far from that) . . but the topic is as much humans as it is guns. untrained humans can easily do more damage with an AR and a big mag then a revolver . . or at least they all seem to believe they can.