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If you are referring to the planet is about to die due to global warming, I’m pretty much a denier on that. But that is another discussion.

If you are talking about the carbon chucked out by the internal combustion engine, these oil by products still need to be processed, refined and manufactured. Getting rid of the car engine isn’t the end all and be all that it is professed to be. It will be an improvement from an environmental perspective I agree, just not the nirvanna that people expect.

I am, believe it or not, somewhat of an environmentalist but for reasons other than politics. More for conservation of habitat, species and such like. It’s been an interest of mine for decades. For those reasons I believe that finding alternative means of energy are noble and correct. I also believe that the current forcing of the process is resulting in solutions that are politically acceptable but not ready for prime time. The end result is that we will have the worst of both worlds and the best of none.