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I’m pretty much a denier on that

weird, wouldn’t have guessed that :-)

On the rest though, and trying to be fair, I wonder if you see the logical flaw in this:

“If you are talking about the carbon chucked out by the internal combustion engine, these oil by products still need to be processed, refined and manufactured. Getting rid of the car engine isn’t the end all and be all that it is professed to be. It will be an improvement from an environmental perspective I agree, just not the nirvanna that people expect.”

Only a loon would think it nirvana so I think you’d be hard pressed to find people taking that position. Also, its not just cars, obviously. One of the biggest areas of green energy advancements is in THE BIGGEST source of greenhouse gases (electricity and heat) (cars are second). Figure you might know that given your comments about Texas ice storms :-)

Perhaps not surprising that I would disagree with this:

“I also believe that the current forcing of the process is resulting in solutions that are politically acceptable but not ready for prime time. The end result is that we will have the worst of both worlds and the best of none.”

all new industries come on too early and evolve precisely because EXISTING industries who stand to lose put up fake barriers, such as overblowing safety. the auto industry is a great example. They didnt lead people to EV change, people (customers) led the industry and NOTABLY it took an outsider (Musk) to really change things