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Add on to the fact that many militaries have gone to the bullpup design and ask yourself why? “Regular” rifles have longer barrels which get in the way when you are in an urban setting. A rifle gives you range and accuracy, which is why it is used by the Military, hunters etc.

So, if I was going to go into a store and shoot it up I would take a semi-automatic handgun and lots of magazines.

Also, the reports is he used an AR-pistol. This is an ar-15 style weapon with no stock and a much shorter barrel. This would not have been included in any previous, or currently proposed “assault weapon” ban because it is desginated a pistol. Just an example about how folks will work around these things, and, those who scream from the highest mountain tend to not really know what they are talking about and get it wrong.

I have maintained the only way you will be able to resolve this issue is to ban all firearms in the USA. Good luck with that one for obvious reasons, and due to the number of firearms currently active in the US, be prepared to count a hell of a lot more innocent bodies before they all taken off the street.