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Just for your information:

next you’ll say Santa is for snow . . or he was in 2013

In other words, an opinion piece by a gun guy?

Look, the whole discussion is borderline disingenuous because ARS were sold as weekend warrior military-style weapons. as they have come under fire (no pun intended) there has been this big push to claim they are home defense weapons WHEN NO ONE CLAIMED THAT BEFORE . . JUST LIKE THE RE-BRANING TO “MODERN SPORING RIFLE”

not worth re-circling that ground but here is the easy counter:

“According to radiologist Heather Sher in a piece for The Atlantic, who treated several students injured in the recent shooting at a South Florida high school, a regular handgun leaves linear tracks through the victim’s body that are roughly the size of a bullet. The weapons are low velocity and often leave non-fatal wounds.

On the other hand, bullets from an AR-15 and weapons similar to it travel almost three times faster than those of a routine handgun. The shooter can cause more damage while being less accurate, and the wounds are often far more lethal.”

etc etc etc