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Sandy Hook was almost a decade ago and still a guy walked into a gun store and right out to kill 8 people.

Oh, one other thing to consider. Granted, supposedly the latest guy had an AR15-style pistol, I forgot one thing earlier.

I can’t quite for all states; however, in a good number of states, even Maryland, where buying an ounce of primo baby blood is easier to score than a pistol, you only have to be eighteen to buy a rifle, and rifles have no waiting period.

Also, there’s one other thing to consider when looking at AR15s. Some, the less expensive ones only fire .223 rounds; however, like mine, there are more powerful versions, which also are designed to fire 5.56 NATO Rounds. (5.56 is the Caliber that is a military round and fired by M16s. While both can do damage, a 5.56 round is nastier than a .233.

I was just reading about this

The 5.56, it’s slightly heavier and more pressure, which I take to mean it has more force than the .223?

Presumably that’s why it’s the military round, more stopping power?