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The passing through the walls issue comes up because the GUN SELLING INDUSTRY has repeatedly tried to reposition a MILITARY style weapon as something else to avoid calls for new ban. So, a weapon that was once sold to weekend warriors as military like gets concerned to a “modern sporting rifle” and then articles about its great use as “home defense” (because the Heller case defined the 2A right in terms of home defense)

All of that maneuvering (the NRA tweet ankles references the “common” nature of the weapon , another Heller reference) is just a DISHONEST attempt to distract from the REALITY that the gun is more deadly than a typical handgun for the reasons disgusted here, which are often times its link to its MILITARY roots.

These discussions are always peppered with dishonesty on both sides, in part because BILLIONS are spent by the industry on the primary currency: FEAR