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This post by JBear illustrates the lunacy of Trumpism. EVERY TRUMP GOPer rejected the Biden stimulus plan even with 70% approval. So absurd was the PURELY POLITICAL choice by self interested Trump GOP that some of The Who voted NO touted parts of the bill

You people -Trumpers and Trumpers masquerading as libertarians – are so twisted up with politics snd hate that you’ve lost sight of the primary role of elected officials: public service. You’ve tied yourself to “us versus them” so tightly that everyone else is wrong snd you are right, even when something as simple as polling shows how far out of touch your views are. And, you even defend your out of touch position (a “no” on a bill 70% of America wants) by blaming the other side( NANCY Held up to hurt Trump) while seemingly ignoring the party line vote by the GOP … lol??????

What a flubbed up mess