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Not sure if this point is lost or just ignored by the pro gun group but do you all realize that this killer bought this gun only days before the event (and right after the judge struck the ban)

I mention that because there’s so much effort deflecting from the deadly nature of these guns INCLUDING the attempt to denigrate your opposition by saying they are ignorant people just scared of the look … when a guy who appears to have no specific weapons training and may even be crazy actually went to a store WITH THUS MASS KILLING IN MIND … and chose … what? The “scary looking” “AR-style” gun?

Seems his crazy act – and act performed now by MULTIPLE mass shooters – completely undercuts the attempt to suggest any gun is … just another gun. He could’ve used a bolt action rifle (more
Muzzle velocity) he didn’t. He could’ve used a revolver (more reliable). He didn’t.

He chose the weapon that fulfilled the fantasy. The same way it’s sold to “good guys. The weapon that was widely available and the easiest platform to drop many deadly bullets on a soft target without much skill.. again, the very point of the platform. Almost the definition of “firepower.”

Weird, huh?