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Facts can also be deflections

Blaming a handgun is a deflection in this conversation. It’s a way of avoiding the utility argument (ie what is the UNSERVED purpose for an AR that outweighs its risk of these events) because there isn’t much of an argument.

Whatever you say, bud.

I’ve hardly avoided that argument.

My engagement with you in this thread started with me debunking your lazy and non-factual claim that AR’s can shoot through more walls than a 9mm handgun.

I’ve given PLENTY of arguments (factual) on the utility purposes of semi-automatic rifles.

You simply don’t like the answers. Or, don’t feel they have any merit because, by your own choice, feel they serve no practical use in your life.

I think you misunderstand

I may be wrong. I am often wrong. I am only offering my opinion

BUT even if I am wrong, in your view, about certain facts, especially technic facts about guns, I am describing PERCEPTION and perception is often reality in law making. That’s why people refer to politics as a battle for hearts snd minds

So when you say that I (singular) don’t see the utility in MY life you may be making two miscalculations:

1) my view of utility is likely the perception of the majority of people (because ARs owned are the minority, not because my perception is right)

2) because the AR is the ficus (rightly or wrongly) you’re figuring your comments on the wrong side of the equation. It’s not my perception of value that is the real issue, it’s the lack of value (to society ) of the AR because it’s basically entertainment …in the safest country in the world ie no other country’s citizens feel the need and many are arguably less safe.

Again, this is just a discussion. Nothing is changing but it’s not coincidence that it’s tough to justify the utility of the weapon, especially when compared to these very high profile events. That is the perception problem and probs just why you counter with reality (handguns kill