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Much need laugh from that one. Thanks


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Also, I’ll use this one post to clarify some points.

For one, yeah, you are correct. These whack jobs that want a big body count are going to hover towards the weapons that achieves that. While that is just my opinion, I feel it’s accurate.

As far as the NRA, that’s an entirely different group of whack jobs. I would never join the NRA. I will concede one point, though. While the NRA are whack jobs and help to serve as an impediment to reasonable gun laws, I don’t really think they’re the ones that are involved in the mass shootings. IMHO, they are just gun nuts, who have a somewhat myopic view of what a world with some logical restrictions would look like. As a group, they probably hate these shootings as much as anyone else who is sane. It’s counterintuitive for them to act in a manner that will call attention to regulating firearms.

That said, again IMHO, most of these people who do these shootings are completely psychotic whack jobs. I don’t see why anyone would object to enacting some legislation that keeps firearms out of the hands of people who are mentally impaired. That is where I think the first laws should go, to find some way to keep firearms away from people who may go off the deep end. Yeah, it could violate some HIPAA Laws, but I’d rather permit people to flag mentally ill peeps, keeping them away from guns, I’m all for violating those people’s medical rights. That won’t bring the killing to zero, but it could have a decent impact on public safety. I don’t think anyone here would argue that these people have a right to access weapons. It’s bad press for gun owners who are responsible, and it’s even worse for the victims that these people go after.

I could be wrong; however, I tend to think that all of the most recent shootings were committed by people with mental issues, and not by any militia types. (Although they are fun to poke fun at. 😎) Going further back to Columbine, mental illness or angry teenagers? I honestly have no idea. I just know that, about ten years ago, I had to stop by my son’s high school. Being more visibly “goth” back then, a number of school peeps looked at me at bit nervously. Like always, I was dressed completely in black, wearing the requisite Doc Marten’s Classic Eight-Eye, and a black trench coat. I was much more popular with the students than I was with the staff. 😃 (If anyone had noticed, my trench coat was actually a coat I received from someone I knew who was in the show “Forever Knight”. They were a gift to all of the cast from Paragon Entertainment. Their logo was stitched into one of the pockets.) Yeah, I guess I should’ve been smarter; however, I dressed like that every day, so it wasn’t something I even thought about. I was also working in television by then, and anyone behind the camera pretty much always looked a bit off. Television can be a very odd place to work. It’s almost like directors expect creative staff to look a bit off, like it’s a sign of creativity. 😎

Oh, one quick point on a come from Walter about the US being unique with gun love. While this fires have some truth, when I worked in South Africa, you could purchase a fully automatic rifle at a kiosk in the mall. I saw at least two, and probably more. Just a small area with a bunch of machine guns on the wall, not too far from the theatres and the one coffee shop I would hit around lunchtime. The only other place I saw a lot of automatic weapons was in Israel. That was easier to explain, though. It seemed like every teenager had an M16 over their shoulder. I learned later that since military service is required, they were permitted to wear street clothes but always had to carry their weapons, so they were military. It was still a bit unnerving the first time I went into a Subway to grab a soda and had to walk past what looked like three little kids, buying lunch, all carrying M16s. It since been nice if someone mentioned that to me prior to me existing it.

FWIW, I still only wear black; however, Doc’s are a bit warm for the weather here, so I’ve had to improvise to wearing black sneakers. (Or whatever they’re called these days. 😃)

At any rate, I’m not sure I cleared anything up. To some degree, I can understand the argument from both sides, so I honestly have no idea where the real answer lies. Hopefully I don’t offend anyone on either side, as that was not my intention.

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.