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If I only had to pick 2 – it would be Suh and Fournette. It’s very likely we sign all three however. Brown is icing on the cake at #3 WR but with Miller and Johnson as well as 3 starting tight ends; Brown is a luxury.

Fournette stepped up huge in the playoffs and can’t really forget about that. We wouldn’t have the same outcome with Ronald Jones there. He punched Packers and Chiefs in the mouth with those touchdowns and had almost 500 yards from scrimmage in his 4 games.

Ideally, He should be the starter with Ronald Jones still getting his fair share of carries. Ask yourself who is the better pass catching and blocking back? Lenny. They both have their moments in the running game so that isn’t to take anything anyway from either of them but we need Lenny back, especially now with James White back at Patriots. Dont want to rely on a rookie as the 3rd down pass catching back.

Suh, already re-signed, and if this team has a weakness (i said IF lol), it’s the depth on the defensive line/edge. They should focus on that in the draft.