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Yet they have total and complete FAITH that a rock gave birth to all living things.

Ummmm, no. I’m not aware of anyone who believes life came from a rock, unless life is an amazing time, and the rock is code for Manhattan. 😎

Let me give you the Bill Nye version of life. After the formation of the universe, planets were hotbeds of many chemicals and scientific reactions. It is possible that some of these things possibly had proteins and / or amino acids mixed in within the rest. Due to an atmosphere and environment that is still not fully understood, many chemical reactions were occurring. Some of these reactions may have even led to single-celled variants of life, providing the right mix of elements came together in some unique form.

Additionally, consider this: These in mutual life forms could’ve originated anywhere, and some of these particles found their way to earth.

Also, consider that that long ago, the Sun was probably much more powerful, and there could’ve been life on other planets, prior to earth. Over time, as the Sun cools, the furthest planets from the Sun, which may have had the ability to support life lost that ability.

Also, think to the future. As the Sun cools further, conditions on earth may look like Mars, and planets like Venus and Mercury could encounter what occurred on earth all those billions of years ago.

Maybe the dinosaurs will make a comment back on Venus. If that happened, all I’m certain of is that Trump’s unborn family of the future will probably arrange for flights to Venus to hunt T Rex’s of the future. 😎

Just because a bunch of fat cats with important looking papers at the universities teach it to the sheep doesnt make it less absurd.

While you’re accurate, you should really be nicer to Liberty University. 😂

FWIW, I never call out people on typos. I’m one of the biggest offenders of typographical errors. I just blow you shit for the conspiracy theories. Even the antichrist and us satanists have boundaries, ya know? 😎

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.