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Peter Pan, if you want a theocracy where everybody believes the same thing as you do, then you got the wrong country. Simple as that. Some of us think that science and religion can actually co-exist. You can believe in things like evolution, and you can have questions about whether what happened in the Bible was real or just stories. Or you can believe every word of the Bible is true. You can be Christian, Muslim, Jewish, or Atheist. The 1st Amendment says so.

For you to believe that everyone who doesn’t believe exactly as you do is a heathen, well that’s your belief. But when you advocate for those who aren’t in agreement with you should be executed or put in jail, well you are in the wrong place. This is America, where we are free to have whatever religious views we want. If you can’t deal with that, get out.

And if you are going to accuse honest, hard working Americans of being child molesters and baby eaters just because of ridiculous internet theories and because you don’t agree with their politics….well that’s the lowest of the low. You don’t make that accusation on a whim, just because it seems to be the thing to do on the internet. You accuse someone of being a child molester, you better know what your are talking about. And you don’t, but you don’t care. That makes you the wicked one.