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The Constitution is very clear that STATES oversee elections.


True; however, the Constitution is designed in a way that permits it to have Amendments. If that weren’t the case, slavery would be a bit dicey of an issue, and then we would spend all of those hours in the Loaded SCOTUS. Also, women would lost the right to vote, as that “error” back in 1919 or so wouldn’t be an issue. 😎

Just curious; however, when the US invades a sovereign nation, instills “Democracy” and require them to begin free, open and democratic elections, do they force that nation into devising an Electoral College, force them to enact a government that has been gerrymandered to the whim of the representative government, or do they just have those countries adopt democratic elections?

I could be wrong. Usually am; however, I think the US understands that the Electoral College is archaic and filled with problems. They just won’t do anything about it.

What, exactly, is wrong with a free and open election where a vote from each person carries equal weight in selecting the highest office in the country? There are still enough Red States to enable gridlock in the legislature that nothing will ever get done. 😎

With the current system, why is it a valid argument that the majority of voters in most states don’t even need to vote, as the election in those states are called roughly eight seconds after the polls close. The only reason this is Enron being discussed now is because God was sleep at the switch, and Georgia and Arizona went Blue. We can’t have that. 😃

When I lived in Maryland, I never had to vote. Everyone knows it will be Deep Blue. Despite the fact that Democrats do not comprise 9 out of every 10 voters in the state, the US Senate is carried, usually, by 90% of voters.

Granted, there is one small technicality; however, I have a logical reason for that. Maryland currently has a “Republican” Governor; however, in true red states, he would be considered a liberal. This is why he was on Trump’s shit list, and when Trump was holding, Hogan did his own thing. If he were a Trumper, he would get roughly 10% of the votes in the state, all from chicken farmers in the Eastern Shore. 😃

There are two reasons why Maryland occasionally elects a Republican, it’s for one of two reasons:

First, there is the D.C. conundrum. A good number of peeps in Maryland resent the D.C. area electorate, (where all the money is in the state), do, if a Democratic candidate on the Gubernatorial Ticket is from the suburbs surrounding D.C., then a Republican can squeak in, as Maryland likes to elect their leaders from Balmer, and it’s surrounding counties.

Secondly, there is the “Kennedy Effect”, which is an extension of Rule #1. So, basically, any Kennedy will lose. (Last example of this is when Kathleen Kennedy-Townsend lost the election.) This is an extension of Rule #1, due to the fact that the Kennedy family is still filthy rich, and as such, any Kennedy that owns a house in Maryland would live in Potomac, which is just a couple miles outside of D.C., and most houses there sell for $10m and up, thus allowing the Balmer Rule to kick in. This is limited to just state doctors, though, at the federal level, God couldn’t win a seat in the US Senate, if he ran as a Republican and his competition was Mollock. 😃

There should be no Entry Exams to get into schools??

Every LEGIT operation has “entry requirements”.

OK, I’ll give you this one; however, allow me to play Devil’s Advocate. 😎

I’m all for anyone who votes would need to pass a test on civics, political systems, and the effect of the two-party system as it exists within the US. They could also throw in a bunch of questions from the test required to become a US citizen. (Do they still have that?)

Now, consider the fact that, outside of highly over-priced private schools, like the one I graduated from, do any public high schools still require any courses in Government, Politics, Civics, or anything that would educate people in the US system of government? I don’t think you see many places that require that anymore.

That said, let’s say they start to require passing a test in order to have the right to vote. How many MAGA peeps do you think would pass that test? Like McConnell is fond of saying, “be careful what you wish for”. That test could wipe out a good number of registered Republicans, as it seems like the majority of college educated voters tend to be Democrat these days, at least in what polls usually claim during the election years. 😃

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.