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Keeping Brate is a luxury that the team probably can’t afford this year. With the salaries of Gronk…..8 million……Howard….6 million and even if Brate reduces his contract to 4 million you would have 18 million…..1 tenth of your salary cap….tied up in that position. I got these numbers from one of the Pewter Podcasts.

But haven’t you heard that they count like 50,000 in total against the cap due to voided years.

OJ Howard has yet to play 16 games in a season and in 2 of the 4 years, he has missed more than 6 games.

Last year was the first year since 2011 that Gronk has played in all 16 games and let’s be honest, he wasn’t going full speed until about week 6.

I’d be shocked if Brate wasn’t on the team next year. I think he was due a roster bonus a few days ago so if anything were to happen, probably should have happened last week.

I understand it’s crazy to have 3 starting caliber tight ends but the top two guys are injury prone.

IF I understood what the PR guys said on the Podcast, the only salary that is reduced this year is Gronks and it still counts something like 4 million.

I too like keeping Brate, but it might not be possible……