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The death of religion lies in the hands of its most fragile followers, who cope with the real world through twisted adherence

I don’t necessarily agree with this.

I’ll use Christianity as an example. There’s countless “believers” who (for the most part) follow the word of the gospel and are great people.

A far cry from the OP (and his ilk) who use a perverse deviated version of it and attempt to wield it as a weapon. Or, as a justification to their own perverted hateful mindset.

I limited it to “most fragile followers.” Most Christians are great people living good lives

Its nutbags (“most fragile followers”) like OT who pervert religion as a coping mechanism. What matters to OT is having some basis — as crazy as it is – to claim superiority over others. Every post here is just that.(same mindset with hardcore conspiracy theorists, so thats the overlap)

There’s no real metric for devotion, so OT bastardizes religion so he can claim a higher self worth, perhaps because other things are failing in his life?

OT is not much different than the radical Islamic militant or the Westboro Baptist or the West Virginia “Christian” who drinks snake venom . .all to prove “devotion” or that he/she is a “higher class” of human