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4 million might not be enough for him. “Stratosphere” might mean 8-9 million.

well yeah if he is that delusional that you let him sit on the market.

given what other backs are getting, he should jump at a 1 year, 4 M deal and that he can try his luck next year. I think that is a fair price for him. What was he last year, 2 MIL cut right right before the season so Jacksonville can assure #1 pick?

No matter where he goes, he will split carries and let’s not act like RoJo is proven just yet so he could wrestle away the lead back job from him, especially given his playoff performance, easier than some other places. Remember, he had to learn the playbook on the fly last year so a full off-season in the offense will only benefit him.

If he goes to Seattle, he is clear #2 to Carson. He could go to New England but the last time they had a 1000 yard rusher was in 2016 with Blount. Tampa is the best place for him unless a running back deprived team emerges where he’d be clear #1