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Dominate? Ok but he certainly was a pivotal piece in the playoffs.

Super Bowl – Had a 27 yard touchdown run in the third quarter when the game was 21-9. Averaged 5.6 yards per carry and 135 total yards.

NFC Champ game – had a 20 yard touchdown run in second quarter when game was tied at 7-7 where Greenbay just took momentum on a 50 yard touchdown pass. Might have only been one play but man was that a physical run and took back the momentum

Saints game – receiving touchdown late in the 3rd to tie the game up at 20-20. over 100 yards from scrimmage

Redskins game – scored a touchdown in the 4th quarter with the score 21-16. 130 total yards.

not saying the guy is worth 8 Mil a year but for what he did in the playoffs alone, need to bring him back and i think 4 mil is a good value.

I guess i just dont see how special RoJo is. I think he’s a good compliment but feel most teams need 2 backs these days unless you have yourself a top 5 back.