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Biggs, maybe you have the wrong news sites on your news feed.

Per the usual, you’re not understanding what’s being discussed. Perhaps this hasn’t been discussed on the useful idiot news sources, but the administration isn’t allowing reporters or photographers into the facilities.

The Biden administration is under growing pressure to end the media blackout at Customs and Border Protection (CBP) facilities where thousands of child migrants are being held.

Lawmakers, high-profile anchors and reporters, and press advocacy groups are venting frustration with the Biden administration for refusing to allow access to facilities where thousands of unaccompanied minors are being held in overflow cells meant for adults for longer than is legally allowed.

Citing COVID-19 and privacy concerns, the Biden administration has ended the practice of media ride-alongs with border officials. Reporters and photographers are being denied entrance to the CBP facilities that first became controversial under former President Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy separating parents from their children.

It’s sad that you’re a teacher, but sadly this appears to be par for the course in that profession.