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So they made shit up

many Trumpers here parroted that shot and now when the source (Powell) says its a lie . . crickets

that is precisely why the word cocoon fits, the goal isnt truth or reality is PROTECTING a point of view

at this point there is a laundry list of alt-right admitted liars, so long one cant capture them all but

A Jones
S Powell
L Wood

and not a single Trumper (I believe?) even coming close to disavowing any of it? even with a freaking insurrection

In fact the best example of the lunacy is that there are Trumpers here who screamed from their alt-right perches about a bunch of BS durig the election that has now been established to be Russian disinfo . . several times over. Add to that the Big Lie with Powella nd Trump. They actually watched Trump henchman use their official position to LIE about shit (eg DNI Ratcliffe) . . but still dont disavow it or Trump???

Is there even a single post here from a pro-Trumper calling Bs on any of these topics?