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Sure he was a piece but lots of running backs could give us the prediction that he provides. Going off of this season and playoffs RoJo was definitely the better runner. More ypc, top 6 in yards after contact, and number 1 in yards after contact per rush. Fournette is not in the top 30. Both backs dropped their fare share of balls and both are poor blockers. RoJo’s drop percentage for this year was 11.9% vs Fournette at 14.9%. Fournette overall has better hands than RoJo’s but, in my opinion, his hands aren’t that good. Off the top of my head I remember 5 dropped balls from Fournette in the playoffs alone.

Some like PFF and some don’t so take the following as you may. Looking at their grades for the regular season:
Overall: 74.6
Run grade – 84.7
Receiving – 29.6
Pass block – 46.8

Overall: 65.5
Run grade – 70.9
Receiving – 58.8
Pass block – 28.4

Hey if he comes cheap then sure but I’d look elsewhere at $4 mil.

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