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This is for those trade OJ people. The dude is coming back from an injury that most players are never the same after. Good luck with trade offers.

I think another team who needs a #1 TE will take the chance on Howard at his current deal. We have a #1 TE and that’s the difference. Whether you want to call Howard #2 or #1A, we already have Gronk and Howard is worth more to another team who has more of a need for a one year TE rental. We may only get a 6th Rounder or something, but the point would be to clear some cap room to sign a couple free agents. I’d like to see the Bucs draft a TE in the 2nd or 3rd so the Bucs won’t be left empty handed in 2022.

OJ has one year left on his contract coming back from a surgery that takes almost a year to play full NFL contact. He most likely won’t be ready to start the season and if he does will not be 100%. Now you would have to add him learning a new system with no camp or preseason games. They would be lucky to get a 4th rd pick for him. I don’t see it happening.