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Direct election of Senators was an amendment.


Thanks for confirming that. I was aware of the change; however, I was really busy yesterday and wasn’t really up to the research. I was hoping someone would give me the correct info. While I’ve taken a number of courses, high school and college, on US political systems, and some poli-sci, those courses were all maaaaany moons ago.

Personally, I think that the history of how the selection of Senators has evolved is a good point to emphasise that Election Law shouldn’t be considered written in stone from 1776, and that there have been a number of times where reform has happened in the past. I feel it shows that the Constitution was intended to be a living document, and that was taken into account when it was originally drafted. I seriously doubt that anyone back then expected the document to stagnate and remain unchanged.

You want fair elections? That’s all anybody wants. And that’s what we got. The idea that the election was not fair is a myth, and its being used to perpetrate a crime on the American people as states roll back voting rights.

I completely agree, and you make good points. The 2020 election was, IMHO, one of the most honest elections in my lifetime. All of this Bullshit was started by Trump, probably a year or two before the actual election, and then perpetuated by Trumpers and alt-right media sources, as they had been told for a couple years that it was not valid if Trump lost, which is absurd. Had Trump not continued to throw raw meat to “the base”, I honestly feel that the people who fed into that mindset were able to maintain that line of thinking despite facts to the contrary being very apparent. They just wanted that false narrative to be true, despite evidence to the contrary.

TBH, if there should be election reform, I think a good starting pint would be to begin with how 2020 was handled and build from there. IMHO, the only people who want to suppress voter access to the polls are those who need that false narrative to win elections. I’m not even sure the Republicans even had a definitive platform.

When I was first able to vote, back during the “Disco Sucks” era, there were no motor voter laws, not same day registration, and, afaik, no early voting. I can’t imagine anyone that would want to return to that as the status quo. Voting should be encouraged, not suppressed.

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