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Imagine for a moment being a Trumpette… and thinking that this is a “gotcha” moment.

First he was senile, and now he is too prepared.

Just shows how sad and pathetic the alt-right is right now.

Yeah, most true. “Slow Joe” reminded me what Press Conferences are supposed to look like. After the past four years, I’d forgotten what it’s like to have someone provide straight, honest responses to the media, without cherry picking.

Really? That’s what you got out of my post? That I think he was too prepared?!?!Talking about cocoon…

While I know this wasn’t aimed at me, I felt compelled to comment. There was nothing scripted in Biden’s comments. That’s just what it looks like when you don’t have to have an interpreter for the deaf in one bubble, and a fact checker in a bubble on the other side.

The only thing he wants to keep tabs on is who is loyal to him and who isn’t.

This, completely.

For some, the quote immediately recalled a line from Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984:

Most true. TBH, over the past four years, in hindsight, it feels like I was living 1984, and we’ve finally escaped through a wormhole, back into the real world.

I love reading novels watching original films and adaptations about dystopian societies; however, I’m not particularly fond of feeling like I was living in one the past four years. 😎

1984, Blade Runner, A Clockwork Orange, Pink Floyd’s The Wall, Zardoz, Fahrenheit 451, The Waste Land, (T.S. Eliot), to some degree, Orlando, (Virginia Woolf)… I could go on, but why? The references would become more obscure, yet there are a ton of others.

In hindsight, it feels like we’ve been experiencing The Man in the High Castle, but in RL.

I do have an idea, though. Disney could buy some large area, maybe Wyoming? There very good at building theme parks. Now that variations of Disneyland exist in many locations, they could do something themed more like EPCOT. They could even call it Trumplandia. (He would probably insist.) All of the disenfranchised Trumpers could relocate there, and they could recreate the US of the past four years. They could end each day with fireworks and a parade. Q could be on the first float, tossing “Q Drops” out to the masses, and Trump could sit on his throne in the final float, doing “Miss America Waves” to his adoring masses, and he could end each day with his “Fealty Fix”.

Meanwhile, the rest of us could remain in this side of the gates, in reality. 😎 It’s a win / win.

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.