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All this negative talk on Fournette, dude had game changing runs during the playoffs and super bowl that I don’t think RoJo can make. How can you discount what he did during those games?? He literally helped them win.

yeah i dont understand it.

one of the most underrated re-signings this offseason. Fournette should be the starter and i think he will be given every opportunity to be the #1 back. Was likely discussed what his role would be once re-signed.

It’s a good problem to have with 2 decent backs but we’d have a real hole in Brady led offense without Fournette back.

maybe some posters on here look at Lenny’s madden rating and think thats why he is replaceable. Please look at the playoffs and throw the regular season out. Fournette needs to be starter for him to be worth anything and that is exactly what he was in playoffs. He isn’t a change of pace back.