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I can’t imagine anyone who watched that train wreck would have any confidence in Biden making decisions to run our country.

no doubt, you cannot . . from the cocoon

“So far, Biden remains popular, with a 54 percent approval rating, per Gallup. In comparison, Trump took office with a 44 percent approval rating.”

or this

“In response after response to queries from PBS, The Washington Post, ABC News, the Wall Street Journal, NBC News, CBS News, CNN, Bloomberg, and Univision, a fairly comfortable and measured Biden sprinkled significant shade on his predecessor, even joking at one point “oh God I miss him.” Seriously noting the “incredibly negative impact” of Trump’s polices, Biden threw out blue and red meat in mentioning the former Celebrity Apprentice host more today than he has since taking office on January 20 at a locked down Capital.

Kicking off with a short self-described “update” on his time in office with emphasis on fighting the coronavirus and setting new goal of 200 million vaccinations in his first 100 days, Biden’s presser was covered live on all the broadcast networks, all the cabler newsers, as well as the likes of Univision, Telemundo, Bloomberg and conservative inclined One America News and Newsmax (which had a lower third that read: Biden Touts His Administration’s Covid Response at the top of the presser)”

In other words, there can be no bigger waste of time then a debate between a TRUMPER AND A NON-TRUMPER OVER the “beauty contest” aspect of a press conference

policy is a different story. None of you Trumpers seem to want to discuss policy tho. . maybe because your side is wholesale block voting AGAINST laws that 73% of Americas wants . . or passing OBVIOUSLY RACIST voting laws (in front of plantation paintings, no less) to “solve” voting “irregularity problems” that your side said DID NOT EXIST . . TWICE PREVIOUSLY


instead it’s “Hunter” and “senile” . . .