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I’m not as high on this signing. He had a great playoff run, but he’s a 1-dimensional JAG imo. If that $4mil was between 4net and AB, and I would’ve chosen AB 10/10 times. I also would’ve preferred more versatility at the position. We still don’t have a pass-catching RB on the roster and money is running out.

at WR, we have two pro bowler caliber guys already. One guy on his way to the HOF.

At TE, we have 3 starting caliber guys with one guy on his way to the HOF.

At RB, we have Rojo who the jury is still out on and is weak at blocking and catching. We also have Keyshawn Vaughn who we have no idea what we got yet either.

I think getting Fournette back over AB makes sense but who are we kidding – AB will be back too.