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Maybe Chron is a little perturbed that I brought up a touchy subject, the 15th Amendment (passed 1870). The Civil War Amendments didn’t exactly get a lot of support from the South who was under military occupation. Perhaps Chron still can’t get over that his side lost that war and they pushed those amendments through while the South was pre-“occupied”. Maybe that still sticks in his craw.

You know people still fly the flag of that group which was willing to see their country destroyed rather than give up the right keep human beings as property. 1870 was right around that time that a guy named Nathan Forrest Bedford was getting his group started. Ever heard of that guy, Chron?

So now 150+ years later the Dems are still stuck on that silly subject of trying to give those people (referred to by Chron as simply “n”s) equal voting rights. Don’t those Dems ever give up?

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