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I hate the idda of a first round player potentially not play at all his rookie year.

D lineman/edge or RB would be rotated in at least. O lineman wouldn’t play at all barring an injury.

I want a first rounder that’ll help this year. 2021.

We brought back all 22 starters on offense and defense plus Succop. Any player we draft this year will not be a starter because we brought back all of our starters. We have a great situation right now of drafting for the near future because of the impending losses of position on both the OLine and DLine.

There is no point in drafting an RB in this draft because we have Lenny, Rojo, and Vaughn signed. RB’s should be plug and play. We drafted Vaughn last year and he barely saw the field. We could have drafted C/G like Hennessy or Cushenberry. That would mean we have quality depth developing in the trench. After two years of being a reserve, then that player would be ready to be a starter at C or G.

We won the Super Bowl because we had the better trenches. Why deviate from that?