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Obviously the weapon matters. If you got shot in the face at close range by an AR, well . . anything is possible

True, ARs are more efficient at killing; however, as I’m in “news avoidance”, I’m not certain what the weapon was that the guy used at the beach.

That said, and in keeping with the statement that the weapon matters, it does; however, is not as simple as ARs vs pistols.

The idiot at the bar could’ve had a .22 or a .25. Hell, even a .380 isn’t a guarantee. Smaller caliber weapons are more for contract killing and hits, as a bullet to the back of the head will rattle around inside the skull, ricocheting around and carving up grey matter. No exit wound, and very little blood. Smaller caliber sessions can hit someone in the face, and the bullet still bounce off, often not penetrating the skull. Blast someone in the face with a .45 ACP, .357 or .44 Magnum, and you’re going to blast someone’s head into pieces.

Additionally, you can add in the type of bullet. A full-metal jacket, like a range round is gonna have a small entrance wound and the damage will not be as severe. Use a ++P jacketed hollow point, and depending upon the brand, ideally you will get a nice separation as the round mushrooms, and it expands into roughly a one inch diameter of spinning razors. Shit ammo can break apart, or when it mushrooms, over-expansion can peel the petals back too far. This will not cause as much damage as proper expansion.

I used to have a lot of Black Talons, in 9mm and .40 S&W. They were kinda outlawed, but original Black Talons are legal in Florida. They even looked nasty, with a black, lubalox coating. They were actually improved upon and are now called something like Ranger SXTs? (Super Expansion Technology). A lot of the boxes of those I would but would be marked Law Enforcement Use, or something to that effect. It’s also legal here to have LEO rounds. Most I would buy on Gunbrokers dot com, but the gun shops carried them. I would also but a lot of 5.56 NATO Rounds, that were military issue. Stores always carry that stuff, a lot of times at a discount.

Personally, I’ve always preferred Speer Gold Dots, and Federal Premium HST Rounds. (They used to be called Hydra-Shok thus the HST.)

Here is a link that discusses some of those. (I just limited it to 9mm Luger.


Here is a blood from the article about the HSTs.

“This ammunition was engineered to meet or exceed ammunition testing protocols; these protocols put bullets through 10% ordinance gelatin, steel, wallboard, plywood, laminated automobile safety glass and gelatin covered in heavy clothing and measure how well the bullets penetrate, expand and hold together.

Extensive testing has shown that the on average the 9mm Luger load will deliver 13.63″ of penetration, 0.63″ of expansion, 90% weight retention through all FBI barriers when shot through a Glock 17 at 10 feet.”

As noted in the article / review, a lot is about penetration and expansion. A good number of 9mm rounds, fired at a windshield from either side, can bounce off the window. Not good if you’re being carjacked. A .45 will blast right through the window. A .357 Sig, or a .357 Magnum will fire right through the car door, including the steel panels. A .357 Magnum can crack an engine block.

So, really, it has a lot to do with the pistol, the caliber, and the ammo. A .22, for protection, is pretty much useless, IMHO.

Bill Maher had a humorous comment in last night’s show. Roughly, “a Christian psycho shot up some massage parlours, and a Muslim psycho shot up a grocery store. When an atheist gets angry they rearrange their bookshelf”. 😎 Definitely funnier with his wording and delivery.

Another mass shooting with a handgun.

Statistically, the weapon of choice.

Yep, very true. The rest of my reasoning is above.

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.