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Humphries should retire. He missed more than a month last year because of a serious concussion. The way he plays he gets blasted quite often when he catches the ball in the middle of the field. He is good at hanging onto the ball after getting hit hard and that’s what we loved about him when he was with the Bucs, but those hits add up. If he resigned with us I would be cringing every time they threw him the ball.

He’s earned more than $20 mil in his career. He’s not in his prime. He’s a UDFA who has played a lot longer than most. He’d be trying to hang on for another year or two. Why should he risk it for another $2 or $3 mil per year when he could make that much just by investing well. How much is living a long life with a healthy brain worth to you, Adam?

As fans, we love to criticize the NFL for not doing enough about CTE, but if a favorite player wants to risk his brain to help our team win we don’t seem to mind too much. I say take your money and run, Humphries.