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I found the secret QAnon recipe!

QAnon Formula:

1) Find any news story.

2) Dream up ridiculous conspiracy.

3) Blame Democrats, Jews or RINOs or all three.

4) Feed to Youtube bullshitters who whip up a video.

5) Spread liberally in social media echo chambers.

6) Repeat process for every major news story and some minor ones.


True on all counts. On a serious note, HBOMax has a very good Q Doc right now, in six parts, two each week. I’ve watched the first two episodes. The next two parts are tonight. It’s really very well done. I would suggest everyone watch it, as it presents everything; however, lays it out much like one would evaluate any other group that could be defined as a cult. It lays out facts from all sides and provides an insight in bro how this began, as well as it’s appeal to draw people in and keep them there. As, in my opinion, it does what a document Getty series should in that it makes no judgement; however, just evaluates the group as one would study any other idea that rises in social popularity within a demographic.

That said, now my “blue font” moment, addressed to the group. 😃

I’ve been lightly following the “tragic jam” in the Suez Canal, and in response to the Q group, who posits that the ship is trafficking a large quantity of children, which were specifically ordered by Hillary Clinton, in order to bring “fresh meat” and blood to our shores, I only have one question to the condos y theorists:

Should we consider their information to be accurate, for Customs purposes, would the shop BG con train beers filled with children be considered livestock or medicinal supplies? 😃

I’m certain that Mollock would not want us to avoid paying the proper duty on the much needed supplies. 😎

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.