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You can picture the Q creators sitting around thinking to themselves. “what is so universally vile that we can accuse everyone of it to outrage and gather followers?”

the downside, of course, is that guys show up with rifles at pizza stores they are told has children in a (non-existent) basement

Absolutely true. Also, yeah, I’ve been to that place, and not only was I not offered any blood products, they don’t have a basement. Considering that, while at DoJ, I had to give some red occasional support to Janet Reno, one would think I’dbe on the “list” for access. 😎

It’s exactly yet as you said. These people are just looking for the most vile thing possible, in order to help in rain forcing the idea of some evil Cabal, because the first rule in teaching hate is to dehumanise your target group, robbing them of their humanity, and giving Carte Blanche to supporters to inflict evils upon others, because in their eyes, we’re not human. We’re all alien lizard people.

That does lead to another question, though. If we are all Reptilian Aliens, then we would be from another planet. As such, this breaks down two of their arguments.

1.) If we’re all reptilian aliens, wouldn’t that contradict the theological questions that arise from man being created in the image of God? They’re the ones saying that our planetary system is unique to the infinite expanse of space. If God created the universe, then, when the rocket that explored Pluto, once it reached the boundaries of the solar system, wouldn’t it warp to the other side and begin travelling back towards the sun?

2.) Also, if the cabal running the elites are extraterrestrial, then they wouldn’t subscribe to the earthly concept of Christianity, so why would they worship Satan? Wouldn’t aliens have their own creation story? To acknowledge the contrary, would be giving Satan power over God, as that would make Saran a being capable of transcending our limited universe.

Call me crazy; however, these dichotomies are in direct conflict to the belief in “God so loved the Earth that he created man in his image”, making God limited to this world, and subordinate to Satan.

On a lighter note, I do not believe in Satan, so I don’t worry about condemnation. In fact, spending my life in Catholic schools, Catholicism teaches Satan not as a sentient being, but as an inherent state of evil. I’ve never been told the little horny dude, (Satan, not Woody Allen 😎), doesn’t exist in physical form, as evil lives in the hearts of men. As such, if religion turns out to be real, under Catholic dogma, I’m coveted, at least on that point. 😃

**** Typos from last post, Condos y theorists = Conspiracy Theorists, and “ the shop BG con train beers filled with children” = “the shipping containers filled with children”. Apple’s autocorrect is miserable. My typing is bad on a phone, but not that bad. 😎

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.