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University of Alabama Research

US Problem is ACCESS. Not mental illness (because, for example our suicide rates are normal but our mass shooting numbers are UNPARALLELED, no other country even close.

Also, key finding was that DESIRE TO KILL came before gun purchase with most mass shooters (based on port event evidence of planning and social media posts and family/friend interviews). Boulder guy is latest example.

Author of report offered a “cultural magnifier” in th US is the emphasis on FAME. THE country celebrates celebrity and many of the mass shooters are seeking fame (or iNFA my), often times being people who feel overlooked, treated unfairly.

The big points that confirms access as the problem is the sequencing and average mental health statistics here (other countries with worse mental health but no real mass shooting problem)

The author was asked what the solution is. He said long term reduce access. No other way. Short term though, Red Flag laws and education BECAUSE the sane research that identified the sequencing (desire to kill first followed by purchase) obviously uncovered that many shooters exhibited signs, made comments etc, in some cases with people saying AFTER the event “we knew it” or similar.