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as I read through the comments on this thread, and other threads, I learn a lot about the posters who have taken initiative to exhume a very energetic stand against everything I have to say. Every word I post is opposed with a vitriol and contemptuous tone with name calling and lies. I see very clearly now these (aprox 6 people) are extremely anti-God, anti-USA, anti-Christian, and anti-family. They are pro-children transgender, pro-sex anyway with anyone anywhere, pro tranny toddler story time, and pro-human trafficking. But not only are they for these things, they are ardently extreme in their feelings for the corrupted reprobate mindset. That is why they lunge to attack any statement of light or truth with such lying hatred. Disgusting filthy rotten low down scummy Satan loving Chinese assets is what they are. Every single one of them. Pure evil trash.

Obviously, that is nuts

OT, don’t forget you got busted on these pages making a knowingly false post, meaning you posted a link supposedly led the reader to further support for your point, but the link went no such place.

When confronted you didn’t fix the link or explain, you just laughed … sheepishly.

Thst means that you’re a troll. Obviously crazy but also just trolling. A Q wannabe who pretends to have inside knowledge lol

Only posting that because it makes the nonsense you posted here ring completely hollow. It’s completely fake outrage