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” have not been able to inherit the wealth that would have accrued had their ancestors been able to accrue that wealth”

Total bullshit. I’ve never inherited one red cent. Not one penny and I probably never will and even if I do I’ll be 80 plus years old and won’t need it.

And what he does here by taking it back all those generations is set up the possible reparations at some astronomical figure that would bankrupt the country anyway. Compound interest anyone?

I know there are some rich families but I’ve never seen that as the norm. That’s the exception. I can count on one hand the trust fund babies I know and I’m in a business where I ought to know quite a few.

You just cannot legislate equality in everything. I mean, what about all those poor white people in trailer parks? There are whole generations of white people who know nothing but institutional poverty and don’t see any way out. Drug use, shitty parents. It’s not a black brown or white thing it’s a societal problem.

Looking back is not going to solve this it’s only going to make it worse. How bout lets look ahead for once.