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Total bullshit. I’ve never inherited one red cent. Not one penny and I probably never will and even if I do I’ll be 80 plus years old and won’t need it.

When were you a slave?

Kidding aside, let me help you out with a little history lesson.

The North (Union) won the war. Start with that. As Sherman marched through the south and crushed Rebel forces, he also took in thousands of REFUGEES (freed slaves). As the soon to be victor in the war STARTED BY THE SOUTH OVER SLAVERY, the UNION has to deal with what to do with all the refugees. THE DECISION WAS TO LET THEM SETTLE THE LAND of the people who enclaved them and starts the war anyway. There was an Order to do so, signed by LINCOLN. There was even a department formed to administer it. The land was along the coast from SC, GA and FL (goodbye Jacksonville!), so you can imagine how valuable.

Lincoln was assassinated. Johnson, a TN slave owner, takes over as President. Johnson REVOKED the order.